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Foaming agent emulsion for foam concrete

2017-6-23      View:
  • Brand   TRUN TECH
  • Type   Tr-Foaming agent
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Characteristics of foaming agent powder for foam concrete
1. The foam agentis my company for foam cement insulation board industry, since the insulation block industry and light wall panels and other industries independent research and development of efficient foam stabilizer.
2. This product is white powder, environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless, no stimulation.
3. The nanocomposite technique was used to modify the calcium stearate, which enhanced the stability and enhancement of calcium stearate. It is also a good enhancer, a hydrophobic agent.

Performance of foaming agent powder for foam concrete
1.The early strength of the product is high, the latter does not reduce the strength, 1 year strength also improved.
2. Can compensate for shrinkage or micro-expansion, reduce shrinkage and creep, significantly improve product crack resistance.
3. Easy to stir with the cement material, resulting in less floating, mixing time is short, more uniform mixing. Foam stability, not collapse mode.
4. Cost-effective, low consumption, cheap, in the production process, can be added directly, without other additives.
5. Bubble diameter of about 2mm, and the bubble wall bright, dense, hard, hand rub does not take off, the bubble has a sense of sharp, percussion has crisp sound.
6. The product strength and condensation does not have any negative effects, cell uniform and delicate, help to improve product strength.
7. Applicable to a wide range, can be applied to a variety of labels of cement.
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