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Indium In powder cas 7440-74-6

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  • Brand   TRUN TECH
  • Type   Tr-In
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Technical parameters of Indium In powder

Products are classified
Average particle size (nm)
Purity (%)
Specific surface area (m2 / g)
Bulk density (g/cm3)
> 99.9

Main characteristics of Indium In powder

Nanometer indium powder production by variable current laser ion gas phase method, high purity, uniform particle size, easy dispersion, high surface activity, can be used in the semiconductor, high purity alloy aluminum and silicon solar battery back field pulp (aluminum silver paste, paste, etc.), anti-static materials, etc; Nanometer indium powder can be used as antistatic transparent coating and surface material for use; Nanometer indium powder of antistatic, transparency and resistance to friction and Nick's excellent performance, is the new generation electronic packaging materials, flat-panel display platform, clean indoor surface materials ideal adding material; Also has the electric conductivity of indium materials, this feature also enables it to become the future photovoltaic cells (solar cells), medical devices and biotech imaging products raw materials.

Application field of Indium In powder

1 is used for electronic pastes, reduce the sintering temperature of the electronic pastes;
2 is used for welding of alloy, reduce the alloy melting point;
3 for in the alloy, improve the abrasion resistance of alloy;
4 for lubricants, improve the wear resistance of lubricating oil;
5 in the application of coatings, improve transparency and abrasion resistance, resistance to scratch and conductive ability;

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