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Indium oxide In2O3 powder cas 1312-43-2

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  • Type   Tr-In2O3
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Feature of Indium oxide:
Due to Indium Oxide have good characteristics of high purity and fine particles, they are extensively applied in color-glass, ceramic, alkaline-manganese battery andchemical reagent industries. Over the years, they are mass-produced in high-new technology and military fields, such as photoelectricity industry. Especially it can be made into ITO, transparent electrode and transparent thermal reflector,etc,which is used for manufacturing of panel display and demist. It is one of research hotspots among today information hi-tech fields. 

Physical and Chemical Properties of of Indium oxide

Molecular Molecular Weight Purity Color Appearance
Particle Size Pass 200 mesh
In2O3 277.64 ≥99.99% White Power 99.9%
In2O3: ≥99.99% Granularity:20~70nm or 0.1-0.5um
Molecular formular:In2O3
CAS: 1312-43-2
Appearance: light yellow powder
Density: 7.179g/cm3
Melting point:1910℃
Solubility in water: insoluble

Impurities Contents

Application of Indium oxide

a.color-glass, ceramic, alkaline-manganese battery ;
b.manufacturing thin film infrared reflectors transparent for visible light (hot mirrors), some optical coatings, and some antistatic coatings; combination with tin dioxide, indium oxide forms indium tin oxide (also called tin doped indium oxide or ITO), a material used for transparent conductive coatings;
d.Indium oxide nanowires can serve as sensitive and specific redox protein sensors;
e.a layer of indium oxide on a silicon substrate can be deposited from an indium trichloride solution, a method useful for manufacture of solar cells
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