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Waterproof cement additive powder

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  • Brand   TRUN TECH
  • Type   Tr-Waterproof
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Product introduction of waterproof cement additive
The product use a high-tech carrier and sustained-release technology, so that active substances can be released after the timely release of water, and in the substrate after the formation of hydrophobic protection.
As a hydrophobic additive, it can be used as a dry mortar system for cement and minerals as raw materials to prevent capillary / hole absorption of water in the material, greatly reducing the water absorption of the substrate and providing excellent hydrophobic properties of the material.
Especially for caulking agent, waterproof mortar, and external wall insulation system of the surface of mortar, decorative mortar.

Product advantages of waterproof cement additive

1.high activity, good dispersion, free flow, white powder provide the overall water resistance of the material, not the substrate surface film
3. in the dry powder in the flow and dispersion performance is good
4.easy to disperse in water, does not affect the dry powder wetting and mixing performance
5.inhibit the substrate base and enhance the anti-freeze-thawing properties of the substrate, is conducive to the substrate to maintain aesthetics and color
6.high weather resistance, anti-ultraviolet, to provide long-term hydrophobic protection of the substrate, and will not weaken the strength of the substrate


physical property of waterproof cement additive

Appearance Silane active content The specific gravity, 25 ℃ The average particle size < 500 um PH (10% in water) residual moisture
Milky white, free flowing powder 25% 600 g/L 100%  Neutral or weak alkaline <2%


Usage method of Waterproof powder for cement

1. Can be mixed with other dry powder materials in the mixing equipment to produce all kinds of dry mortar products.

2. To avoid prolonged, high shear under the mixing, to prevent the rise in powder temperature.

3. Usually in the container filled with water, while stirring, while slowly adding SHP 50 containing dry mortar products, but to avoid too strong stirring to prevent the introduction of air.

4. In the state of pre-mixing with the water, before use can be added with water stirring dilution.

5. Just a good mix of materials, depending on the situation of other additives, put it aside for 1 to 5 minutes after use


Use the added amount of waterproof cement additive

Generally for the amount of dry powder 0.2% to 1.5%, depending on the substrate waterproofing requirements. It is strongly recommended that the best additions be determined after laboratory tests.


Packaging, storage and shelf life:

This product is 10Kg compound bag, a tray for 50 packets.

Other large bags or drums can be customized according to customer requirements and quantity.

Dow Corning® SHP 50 should be stored in a dry and sunny place.

The shelf life of the product is 12 months at 40 ° C (104 ° F) and in the absence of open packaging.

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