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colloidal silver Ag liquid cas 7440-22-4

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  • Brand   TRUN TECH
  • Type   Tr-Ag-L
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Feature of colloidal silver:

 It is very important for nanoparticles user to get good dispersion products. At the request of many customers, we provide the 
silver nanoparticle water aqueous dispersion, and the use method become easier, you can dilute it to your desired 
concentration, only add pure water and shake it up. This product does not contain other chemical components. It is non-toxic 
and environmental protection, and also safe for use and ship.


Applications of colloidal silver :

1. Various antibacterial finishing for textiles, paper products, leather and sponge;

2. Anti-bacterial deodorant treatment for all kinds of footwear, toys and daily necessities;

3. Used to implement anti-bacterial deodorizing for a variety of water-based and oil-based paints;

4. Widely used in the medical field: microbicides, medical rubber hose, antibacterial gel, lotion and tablets; 
soap, cleaning supplies; chemical building materials; plastic products;

5. Nano-silver can be added to PE, PP, PC, PET, ABS and other plastics to achieve antibacterial function. 

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