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water reducing agent emulsion for cement

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  • Brand   TRUN TECH
  • Type   Tr-reducing agent
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Characteristics of Water reducing agent emulsion for cement
1. This product is a kind of cement or gypsum-based dry stucco in the high performance and superplasticizer, its composition is sulfonated triphenylamine, white powder, without chloride.
2. The dispersion of cement, volcanic rocks and fillers is very good, can produce a completely uniform dislocation of the mixture of mortar or thin pulp.
3. Can reduce the amount of water used to increase the intensity.
4. It is the best choice for applications requiring rapid cure, and is compatible with most of the redispersible powder systems, accelerators, retarders and the like.
Technical parameters of Water reducing agent emulsion for cement
Appearance bulk density loss on drying PH
white powder 450-750kg/m3 <4.0% 9-11.4
product performance of Water reducing agent emulsion for cement
1.promoting the early strength
2.Improve the stability of segregation
3.Product quality and stability
4.Improve the ultimate strength
Main Applications of Water reducing agent emulsion for cement
1. Self-leveling floor material
2. Spray machine mortar
3. plastering anhydrite
4. Tile Binder
5. joint mixture
6. Building gypsum
7.Repair mortar

Add the amount of Water reducing agent emulsion for cement

With a wide range of applications, the content of 0.2-1.5% between.
If the temperature is low and the dosage is high, there may be retardation, excessive use will lead to retardation, and for the flow of plaster and grout (grouting, self-leveling, sealant, refractory) Lead to segregation.


packaging of Water reducing agent emulsion for cement

25 kg/bag


Storage of Water reducing agent emulsion for cement

waterproof, moisture, fire, storage period of three years.


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