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Graphene flexible touch screen

2018-7-20      View:

In fact, graphene is inherent in nature, but it is difficult to peel off a single layer structure. Graphene is layered on top of graphite, and 1 mm thick graphite contains approximately 3 million layers of graphene. The pencil is gently stroked across the paper, leaving traces of even a few layers or even just one layer of graphene.

Graphene is one of the materials with the highest strength known, and it also has good toughness and can be bent.

At a certain electronic exhibition, the flexible screen has attracted much attention and has become the development trend of future mobile device displays. Flexibility shows that the market is broad in the future, and the prospect of graphene as a base material is also optimistic. For the first time, Korean researchers have created flexible transparent displays made up of layers of graphene and fiberglass polyester sheets. Researchers at South Korea's Samsung and Sungkyunkwan University produced a TV-sized pure graphene on a 63 cm wide flexible transparent fiberglass polyester board. They said that this is by far the largest block of graphene in the "block". Subsequently, they used the graphene block to make a flexible touch screen. Researchers say that in theory, people can roll up their smartphones and then leave them behind like a pencil.