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The Study Progress On Nano Silicon Film

2018-9-19      View:

Nano-silicon film is a new type of low-dimensional artificial semiconductor material with novel structural features and unique physical properties. Compared with amorphous silicon, microcrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon, nano-silicon thin films have high electrical conductivity, low conductance activation energy, good photothermal stability, strong light absorption capability, easy doping, and obvious quantum dot characteristics and can emit visible light at room temperature.


The nano-silicon film is a new type of artificial functional material composed of a large number of silicon micro-grains and a high concentration interface region. The ratio of crystalline components and interface atoms in the film to the total volume is about 50%.


Due to the random distribution characteristics of silicon microcrystals in the film layer, a large number of intergranular interfaces also have different structural bonding characteristics. It is these randomly arranged silicon microcrystals and intergranular interfaces with different structural features that make nano-silicon films have many unique physical properties and will have potential applications in new devices.


Single-junction solar cells have been successfully fabricated with this new material. In addition to being the absorption layer of the p-i-n battery, according to the special structure and novel properties of the nano-silicon film, it can also be applied to the following aspects:

1) used to develop quantum functional devices;

2) Nano silicon heterojunction diode.

3) Promote the photoelectric integration of silicon materials.