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The Research Progress of Nano-Selenium

2018-8-22      View:

Selenium is one of the essential trace elements in organisms and has important physiological functions. Nano-selenium has the characteristics of low toxicity and high biological activity, and is mainly used in animal production, medicine and health care products.


The preparation of nano-selenium by chemical method generally reduces the selenite or selenate or selenium dioxide with a reducing agent, and controls the particle size in the nanometer range during the reaction nucleation stage. The commonly used reducing agents are vitamin C, sodium sulfite and sulfur. Sodium sulfate, hydrazine, etc. The red nano-selenium is easily converted into gray-black toxic elemental selenium, and a surfactant or a stabilizer may be added to maintain its physical and chemical properties.



The research on nano-selenium as a feed additive has been widely recognized, and its nutritional function provides a certain guarantee for the health and product quality of livestock and poultry in livestock and poultry production. Nano-selenium as a nutritional supplement has not only been limited to animal production, but has The development of selenium-enriched products, human health products, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals has gradually penetrated into people's lives and sought benefits for people and animals.


Since selenium supplementation can increase the body's antioxidant capacity, immunity and anti-cancer effects, nano-selenium has broad prospects in health foods, such as Kangbi selenium, selenium-enriched tea, and nano-selenium cigarettes. In addition, nano-selenium can also prepare nano-selenium bioactive multifunctional fiber fabrics, ect. In recent years, nano-selenium medical filter materials and structured nano-selenium materials have emerged, and nano-selenium has broad application space in medical materials.


Nano-selenium has a close relationship between improving the antioxidant function and immune function of animals and human body. Appropriate intake is beneficial to health, but excessive intake is easy to cause poisoning. Therefore, the toxicity test of nano-selenium has yet to be studied.