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Development On Titanium Diboride Composite Material

2018-11-1      View:

Titanium diboride is the most stable compound of boron and titanium. It is a covalent bond and belongs to the hexagonal system. It has high melting point, high hardness, high Young's modulus, high chemical stability, and good electrical and thermal conductivity.


Titanium boride has poor sintering properties and is difficult to sinter by conventional sintering methods. To this end, material workers have tried many methods, mainly in two aspects: adding other components to form a composite system, applying advanced densification preparation methods.


The addition of second phase ceramics to titanium boride is also a research system, the main purpose of adding the second phase ceramics is to improve the performance of the material, and at the same time, to reduce the sintering temperature and increase the density of sintering.


The choice of metal system must take into account the requirements for wettability and performance. The metal or metal system as a binder should first be wetted with titanium diboride with good wettability. Titanium diboride has poor wettability with most metals, and the best densification is the lower melting metals Ni and Cr.


Due to its unique high strength, high temperature, high conductance and high stability, titanium boride materials will continue to be an important system for the study of high temperature structural materials. To achieve a wide range of industrial applications, there are many problems to be solved, and there is much to be done.