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The Application And Development Of Nano Diamond

2018-8-13      View:

Diamond is one of the most valuable materials in industrial applications. Diamond films prepared by Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) have excellent properties such as high hardness, high thermal conductivity, high elastic modulus, and excellent chemical stability. It has a wide range of applications in wear resistant coatings, optics, and Micro Electron-Mechanical Systems (MEMS).


A nanocrystalline diamond (NCD) film generally refers to a diamond film having a grain size of several to several hundred nanometers. Compared with conventional CVD diamond films, NCD films have a smooth surface, a low coefficient of friction, and a hardness that is inferior to that of conventional CVD diamond films, which facilitates the subsequent processing of NCD films. At the same time, due to the nano-effect, NCD film has superior performance in many aspects than conventional CVD diamond film.


The addition of nano-diamond powder as an additive for internal combustion engine oil is a research direction that has only appeared in recent years. The N-50A grinding agent, which is produced by Russia and added with nano-diamond, can reduce the running-in time by 50% to 90% when the internal combustion engine is running-in. At the same time, it greatly improves the quality of the grinding, saves fuel and prolongs the life of the engine. This grinding oil reduces the fuel consumption by 50% when used in the lubrication of precision machine beds. In addition to N-SOA, Russia also produces UPAV-St gma running oil.


As a new functional material, nano-diamond has many characteristics of nano-materials, such as small size effect, surface/interface effect, quantum size effect, macroscopic quantum tunneling effect, and the application prospect is very broad.