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Preparation Methods Of Nanoparticle Iron Powder

2018-9-25      View:

As one of the nano-materials, nano-Fe powder not only has the properties of general nano-materials, but also has its own special properties, which makes nano-Fe powders in powder metallurgy materials, absorbing materials, magnetic materials, dechlorination catalysts and other aspects also have a wide range of applications and prospects.


The preparation methods of nano Fe powder are mainly divided into physical methods and chemical methods. The physical method is classified into a freeze drying method, a deep plastic deformation method, a physical vapor deposition method, etc.


The chemical methods are pyrolysis carbonyl iron method, chemical reduction method, hydrothermal synthesis method, hydrolysis reduction method, electrodeposition method, sol-gel method, etc.


The thermal decomposition method has simple process and good operability; the prepared powder has high purity, uniform particle size, large specific surface area and high activity. However, the thermal decomposition process has a long process flow and high production cost, and cannot meet the requirements of large industrial production, and further research and development are needed.


The application of nano-Fe has a good development prospect. Most of the current research focuses on preparation methods and test characterization, and there are still many problems that need to be solved. With the emergence of nano Fe preparation methods and the continuous improvement of its characterization technology, the various functions of nano-Fe particles will be fully utilized and applied.