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Preparation And Electrochemical Performance Of Vanadium Nitride

2018-12-5      View:

Electrochemical supercapacitors are new energy devices that have developed rapidly in recent years. As a green energy device between traditional dielectric capacitors and chemical batteries, they are expected to be applied to electric vehicles and various electronic devices.


There are many ways to prepare vanadium nitride, such as metal or oxide as precursor, high temperature carbothermal reduction method in ammonia or nitrogen, temperature programmed ammonia reduction method, hydrazine reduction method, liquid ammonia electrolytic synthesis method, etc.


A well-formed V2O5 feedstock can be easily obtained by melt water quenching to obtain an amorphous V2O5 xerogel. Further, by reducing the V2O5 by temperature-programmed ammonia, a VN powder with good conductivity and good crystallinity can be obtained.


Vanadium nitride is suitable for high current operation and is consistent with cyclic voltammetry test results. And the charge and discharge current density increases, the VN charge and discharge curve has the best symmetry, that is, in the process of charge and discharge, the charge loss is less, and the utilization rate is higher.


The VN electrode material has obvious redox peaks on the cyclic voltammetry curve , the VN material exhibits obvious tantalum capacitance characteristics. The slow heating rate during the aminolysis process is beneficial to improve the specific capacitance and high current charge and discharge performance of VN materials.