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Water pollution can be detected quickly with modified nano-diamond

2018-7-25      View:

By modifying the surface of nano-diamond particles, nano-diamond with high colloidal stability can be obtained in water, organic solvent, oil and other media.The modified diamond is not easy to aggregate and can be used as catalyst in chemical reaction.

The researchers added the modified nano-diamond to the reagent used to detect phenols such as aminoantipyrine, hydrogen peroxide and phenol, and the solution quickly turned dark red.The phenol concentration in water samples can be determined by spectroscopic method according to the amount of colored products obtained.The researchers found that the reaction was caused by tiny amounts of iron and copper ions on the surface of the nanoparticles.

In addition, whether the modified nano-diamond particles can be reused has been tested.After each water sample test, the nanoparticles are cleaned and re-used to detect the reaction.It is proved that the same nanometer diamond sample can be used at least 7 times in phenol detection.


Now, researchers are developing new indicators that can detect phenol in solid carriers using diamond nanoparticles attached to a substrate.The new indicator will be more convenient in practical use.For example, the diamond nanoparticle bar was immersed in water sample, and the color of the reaction product was compared with the test scale, so as to obtain the degree of water sample polluted by phenol.