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The Effect Of Modified Nano-Ti Powder

2018-9-10      View:

The development of avionics and the rapid increase of ground electromagnetic wave sources pose a threat to the operational safety of glass fiber reinforced epoxy (GFEP) fuselage structure aircraft, and it is urgent to improve the electromagnetic shielding performance of such fuselage structures.


Titanium is the only metal that does not cause damage to human autonomic nerves after contact. The resin-based coating modified by nano titanium powder not only has high environmental friendliness, but also has corrosion resistance, self-cleaning and enhanced film strength. Such as comprehensive performance, has been widely used in ships, food, high temperature storage tanks and other fields.


After laying a metal mesh or coating a nano-titanium powder modified primer in the GFEP aircraft fuselage structure, the electromagnetic shielding effectiveness of the sample in the test range of 300 kHz to 1.5 GHz is 9.5 to 29.7 dB, which can be in a wide frequency band. Perform effective electromagnetic shielding.


Nano titanium powder coating with a mass fraction of 10% In four different flow rates, the coating resistance maintained good protection during the test period. At the same flow rate, the coating resistance decreases as the scouring time increases. Increasing the flow rate increases the mass transfer and mechanical effects of the coating interface, so that the coating resistance increases with time and decreases.