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The Property of Nitinol Alloy Vascular Stent

2018-8-15      View:

Nickel-titanium shape memory alloy is an intermetallic compound formed by the interaction of a nearly atomic ratio of titanium atoms and nickel atoms. It has excellent superelasticity and shape memory properties, good biocompatibility and corrosion resistance, free deformation, and good body deformation ability, moderate deformation resistance, high alloy strength, elastic modulus is significantly lower than other metals, these advantages make titanium-nickel alloy an ideal biomedical material and vascular stent material.


At present, the vascular lesions that have been treated by the nickel-acupuncture-gold tube holder are: carotid stenosis, iliac artery stenosis, narrow femoral artery, narrow subclavian artery and narrow intracranial artery stenosis, and almost all peripheral blood vessels. The fatigue resistance of the vascular stent is one of the most important key performance indicators for the product. The US FDA and the European Union have clear requirements for the limited analysis and fatigue life of the stent.


The near-atom ratio nickel-titanium shape memory alloy is selected as the material for the stent because the nickel-titanium shape memory alloy has excellent shape memory effect and superelasticity, can be deformed at will, and is placed in the dispenser to be fed to the corresponding position, and The deformation ability of the body is good, the deformation resistance is moderate, and the strength of the alloy is high, but the elastic modulus is significantly lower than other metals, and has good corrosion resistance and biocompatibility. These advantages make nickel-titanium alloy an ideal one. Bracket material. The selected nickel-titanium shape alloy is subjected to various heat treatment adjustments to achieve the temperature range of use and to ensure good mechanical properties.


As an intravascular interventional microdevice, the vascular stent has a very complex and delicate requirement. The widespread use of Nitinol vascular stents has made people pay more and more attention to its safety and effectiveness. More and more, the structure and material of the bracket will be further improved and innovated with the aid of numerical simulation.