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3D printing - let you see the light again

2018-7-24      View:

As the outermost structure of the human eye, the cornea plays a vital role in the focus of vision. Worldwide, 15 million people suffer from corneal related diseases, resulting in vision weakness and even blindness.Corneal transplantation is the most effective way to treat corneal diseases, but the whole world faces the problem of corneal shortage.

Researchers at Newcastle university describe a corneal stem cell that is mixed with alginate and collagen to create a printable solution called "bio-ink".

Professor che, who led the study, said: "many research groups around the world have been searching for the ideal 'bio-ink' for years to make 3D printed cornea possible.Our unique gel allows stem cells to survive while also producing a material that is hard enough to retain its shape but soft enough to squeeze out of the nozzle of a 3D printer.

"Our 3D printed cornea needs to be further tested and it will take years for us to transplant it."Professor che added."However, we have shown that it is feasible to print the cornea by scanning the patient's eyes, and that this approach may address the worldwide shortage of cornea."