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Preparation of Nanometer Manganese Zinc Ferrite

2018-9-12      View:

As a new type of functional composite material, polymer-based magnetic composite materials can convert magnetic energy and mechanical energy into each other, so they can be used as frequency converter components for actuators and sensors, and are used in electronic instruments and communications.


Adding rubber as a filler to the polymer material, and obtaining a polymer composite having better strength and toughness by adjusting the amount of the filler. When the inorganic nano-rigid particles are added to the rubber, the performance of the vulcanized rubber can be improved, and the production cost can be reduced. However, the surface energy of the nanoparticles is high and it is easy to agglomerate. The ideal nano-scale dispersion is extremely difficult to achieve. The surfactant is usually surface-treated with a surfactant to enhance the combination of the nanoparticles and the polymer.


The preparation process of  Nano-Mn Zn ferrite can be roughly divided into two categories: one is oxide method, also called ceramic method; the other is wet process, also called chemical method.


The preparation method of ferrite material ultrafine powder can be roughly divided into mechanical pulverization method, gas phase synthesis method and liquid phase synthesis method. Liquid phase synthesis is currently the most widely used method in the laboratory and industry, it can be divided into two major categories of physical method and chemical method.


The iron oxide powder was prepared by chemical precipitation method. Then the nano-sized MnZn ferrite was prepared by oxide method. The growth and mechanism of ferrite crystal were characterized.