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Application of nano SiO2 in construction industry

2018-7-20      View:

Nano-SiO2 is an important inorganic material, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and widely used in the building materials industry.

1. Application of nano SiO2 in architectural coatings

Architectural coatings are one of the more common coatings in our daily life. They are resistant to stains, antibacterial and self-cleaning. When nano-SiO2 is added to the traditional architectural coating, the anti-violet infrared ray ability and aging resistance of the exterior wall coating are significantly enhanced. Many researchers have added nano-SiO2 to exterior paints and found that the basic problems of adhesion, hardness and load of exterior paints are surprising. As long as a small amount of nano-SiO2 is added, these basic functions of the paint can be significantly enhanced. . It can be said that the application of nano-SiO2 in architectural coatings has given the traditional building materials a new look and greatly promoted the overall development of architectural coatings.

2. Application of nano SiO2 in concrete

Professor Li  pointed out that adding a certain amount of nano-SiO2 to the concrete material, the high elastic modulus concrete obtained not only doubled the performance of the concrete, but also improved the service life. The application of nanotechnology to improve the mechanical properties of building materials also achieves the goal of saving resources and protecting the environment. For example, when nano-SiO2 is applied to the coating of inorganic reflective insulating materials, when the material is sprayed onto the outer wall of the building, it helps to maintain a suitable temperature in the room; when spraying on the indoor wall, due to the nanometer. The reflection of the coating, only need to consume less power at night, can achieve the same brightness, energy saving can reach 40 percent.