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Application of nickel-titanium alloy in medical equipment

2018-7-31      View:

Nickel-titanium alloy has laid a foundation for its application in the field of medical devices due to its good biocompatibility, corrosion resistance, ray detectability and nuclear magnetic compatibility. It is also formed by its unique superelastic and shape memory effects. The advantage over other medical materials.

Hyperelasticity refers to the phase transition to martensite when Nitinol is stressed in the austenitic state, absorbing deformation energy, and the macroscopic performance is much higher than the recoverable elastic strain of conventional metal materials. Because this strain is the result of the internal phase transition of the material, it is also called "pseudoelasticity".


The shape memory effect means that the nickel-titanium alloy can be heat-set when it is in the austenitic state to obtain a fixed desired shape. When used, it can be cooled to the martensite state, and the alloy is more deformable and convenient for clinical use. Then, by warming or body temperature, it returns to the austenite state, and the shape returns to the heat-set shape.


Although nickel-titanium alloys have been used in medical devices for decades, the biosafety risks associated with the precipitation of Ni ions in alloys have always been the focus of clinical researchers. It has become a research hotspot of enterprises, hospitals and research institutes for many years to suppress the precipitation of Ni ions by surface modification of Nitinol and improve its biosafety. At present, the commonly used nickel-titanium alloy surface modification technology is mainly divided into two categories: surface oxidation method and surface coating method.


By adjusting the surface modification method of nickel-titanium alloy to further improve its performance in biological compatibility, corrosion resistance, biomechanical compatibility and fatigue, it will continue to become a research hotspot in the field of nickel-titanium alloy and its products. And promote its application in the medical field.